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Chris Voss: Negotiation MasterClass Q&A

Thanks for checking out Tuesday’s MasterClass Q&A with Chris Voss, hosted on SFS Network. If you weren’t able to join the live show, we’ve highlighted a few negotiation tips from the conversation, and included a link to the full video replay below.

The conversation veered from personal stories to Q&A, strategies to tactics. Chris starting the conversation by sharing a story about how he negotiated an 80% medical bill reduction by using playfulness as a negotiation strategy. A few of the key points he made:

Playfulness is a superpower: How you engage with someone impacts their behavior and responses. A light-hearted and humorous approach leads to better outcomes than being aggressive or demanding. While the traditional image of negotiators focuses on intimidation and pressure, this isn’t usually the most effective approach in practice. People tend to give more when they’re less stressed having fun. Playfulness disarms and encourages favorable reactions, and at the very least leads to a more enjoyable negotiation experience.

Timing matters: In practice it’s not always easy to deploy new tactics like playfulness effectively in a live conversation. Choose the right moment i.e. mornings, when both parties are likely to be higher energy and not yet dragged down by the stresses of the day.

Practice matters: Like any skill, negotiation requires practice. Try using playfulness as a negotiation tactic in low-stakes situations such as conversations with family and friends when the outcome you’re negotiating for matters less.

Playfulness has long-term benefits: While playfulness can be effective in a one-time conversation, its benefits compound when you’re negotiating with someone on a regular basis. By creating a positive negotiation experience, both parties leave feeling good about the outcome and you earn goodwill that makes future negotiations easier.

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