What is SFS Network
SFS (Secrets for Success) Network is an exclusive community that will teach you how to leverage the skills and mindset of an entrepreneur to find and achieve success in your dream career.

Every week we host live conversations, Q&A, and group coaching with experts who share the strategies and tactics they’ve implemented to reach the pinnacles of their disciplines. But we’re not fans of success porn — we’ll also focus on stories of failure in order to identify what actively drove success vs. what was simply a lucky break.

Who we are
We’re Greg McBeth and Falon Fatemi: Co-Founders of SFS Network, serial entrepreneurs (Co-Founder/CEOs of Melier and Fireside, respectively), and husband & wife team.

We’ve held numerous leadership roles at companies ranging from early stage startups to Fortune 100’s. Collectively we’ve generated hundreds of millions in revenue, built and led teams of world-class entrepreneurs, raised $100M+ in venture funding. Our work has been featured in major publications including:

We’ve also been married for nearly a decade and recently welcomed our first child into our family. Though we’ve had our ups and downs, today our marriage is stronger than ever and we continue to build a strong foundation for our mental and physical well-being as we pursue our career + family ambitions. We currently split our time between Miami and Napa.

Why we created SFS Network
We know firsthand how difficult it is to balance the to competing demands of work, family, and individual when you have a demanding career — no matter which stage of your career you’re in. What we’ve learned we’ve discovered through a lot of trial and error, but we’ve also been fortunate to have built relationships with amazing people who have helped us along the way.

We created SFS Network to share what we’ve learned and build a community to help people find and accelerate their unique path in their careers.

Ways to work with SFS Network
We offer several ways to connect with and learn from our team, our network of experts, and our community.

  • Newsletter: Get curated insights and interviews from experts in transforming your career, delivered to your inbox every week for free.

  • SFS Live: Looking to accelerate your career growth? Have a challenge that you’re unsure how to tackle? SFS Live is your opportunity to get access to live topical discussions and Q&A with the SFS team and our expert guests (hosted on interactive media platform Fireside).

  • SFS for Businesses: Want to supercharge your team’s performance and develop your company’s future leaders? We’ll teach your team how to think like owners and execute like entrepreneurs. SFS for Businesses includes virtual group coaching, VIP keynotes, and in-house coaching programs (virtual and in-person) with topical experts.

  • Private Consults: Looking for personalized career guidance? Book a private consult and get a 1:1 advice from Greg and/or Falon.