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The Power of Mindset with NFL Legend and Entrepreneur Larry Fitzgerald

Join our conversation with former Arizona Cardinal wide receiver and future NFL Hall-of-Famer Larry Fitzgerald

If you weren’t able to join our live conversation with Larry Fitzgerald, you can check out the replay below.

This week we’re talking with former NFL Wide Receiver and future NFL Hall-of-Famer Larry Fitzgerald.

While Larry is best known for making his quarterbacks look good and opposing defenses miserable, his success transcends his time in the NFL. Since leaving the NFL only a couple years ago, Larry has:

  • Established the “Larry Fitzgerald First Down Fund” to support kids and families through athletic activities, crisis support, and health-related organizations.

  • Established the “Carol Fitzgerald Memorial Fund” to support causes related to breast cancer awareness, in honor of his late mother, and to support HIV/AIDS research which she was a passionate advocate for.

  • Garnered numerous honors and awards for his charitable work with kids, young adults, and supporting local communities.

  • Invested in and supported dozens of entrepreneurs and small businesses.

While Larry obviously had physical gifts, he wasn’t a “freak” in the same vein as a Randy Moss or Calvin Johnson. He credits much of his success in the NFL to his mindset and determination, which has carried over and contributed to his myriad successes in his post-football life.

We’ll be speaking with Larry about his early life, his lead-up to the NFL, what it was like playing in The League, and how he’s managed a successful transition to an entirely new career. This show is open to all SFS email subscribers and will include a live audience Q&A with Larry — so sign up and have your questions ready!

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